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I just signed the #ExitWithHonor petition calling on President Biden to take immediate action to protect the lives of some of the most vulnerable in Afghanistan – religious minorities who are despised by the Taliban because of their beliefs. Please join me by signing at 

“During the last 20 years our governments encouraged Afghans to embrace our values: religious freedom, human rights, women’s rights, education, and the rule of law. Those who followed our lead are now in the Taliban’s crosshairs. The international community owes them and our brave soldiers, many of whom sacrificed their lives and futures there, to insist that we #ExitWithHonor.”


I think the worst part about watching what is happening to religious minorities in Afghanistan is feeling powerless. But the truth is, as an American, we *can* do something. This is a crisis of our politician’s creation, and they answer to us!

That’s why I signed this petition at to let Biden and other world leaders know that we’re not just going to let them slink away in shame, in our name. The people of Afghanistan and our soldiers who gave their lives there deserve better. #ExitWithHonor

[Change nationality if not American]

Sample Tweets:

Religious minorities are in the Taliban’s crosshairs. We owe it to them, and to our brave soldiers, to insist that we #ExitWithHonor. Please sign the petition at  


#Afghanistan is a crisis of our own creation. Biden not only has the power to push back against the Taliban for as long as it takes to #ExitWithHonor, but a moral obligation to prevent genocide against religious minorities. Please sign the petition at